Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Outside, the snow is falling, which is relatively seldom in Tokyo. I’m sitting on a small sofa in a hospital private room and lying approximately one meter away from me, is you, dear Pat, dear friend and during my earlier life as a musician, a great ‘band buddy’. Thanks to you I discovered, among other things, the wonderful world of electronic keyboards and instruments.

The doctors have only given you a few days to live. I am very grateful therefore, that I am able to accompany you on your final journey from this side of consciousness and perhaps be of some sort of support and assistance.

Who is Manfred

The musician Manfred Ehlert (EMAN) and his project EMANSWORLD

Discover the ElectRock music studio project “EMANSWORLD“ & the exciting story of the discoverer, producer & manager Ehlert MANfred.

Manfred Ehlert (EMAN) started his «musical career» around 1976 in Lucerne’s music scene. He had the opportunity as well as the aptitude to become a star as a musician. However, on his way there he realized that his calling was a slightly different one. For many years now he’s been going his own way campaigning predominantly for other people & artists.  During the past 3 years certain incidences have encouraged and motivated him to complete his «lifetime achievement», as he himself calls it, and to conclude that part of his life, which advanced, inspired but also hindered him for almost 30 years. There’s a lot of exciting material to discover!

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